JPN-120 Final Project

“In an area known as Greenville, SC, there is a school known as Furman University where all the top-notch trainers attend. There is a class known as Japanese 120, where students utilize their Japanese training and knowledge to create this extra credit skit.”

I tried out a few new techniques in this video, including M-M-M-MULTICAM! Filming multiple takes of the same thing and cutting between ‘em is a lot nicer than trying to do everything in one take, wouldn’t you say? Also helps to eliminate errors, though there were some at the time of filming.

The end battle animation was created in PowerPoint since I didn’t have time to mess around with After Effects. There aren’t any sound effects, and I’m aware of that. I could have made this video quite a bit better, but I ran out of time, as most videos tend to do. I’m sad that Final Cut Pro is so crippled since it adopted the iMovie interface (which I hate) but Premiere did a fine job and is looking more and more like FCP 7 used to.

I’m planning on posting more here and continuing with my Let’s Play soon. (Soon meaning when I have time)

Anyway, enjoy! Link is below.

JPN-120 Final Project

Let’s Play A Blurred Line Part 03

Our hero keeps on keepin’ on, and advances in his story as he travels to the top of the staircase in the next thrilling episode of Let’s Play A Blurred Line! I’m going to be doing a video every two days until the 4th when I’m gone for a week, but I think I’ll be resuming soon after. This is a LONG game, everyone, and it might take 10 parts or so to finish it all. Let’s hope so so that my 2-digit part numbers actually make sense. Until Thursday, friends!