Let’s Play A Blurred Line Part 03

Our hero keeps on keepin’ on, and advances in his story as he travels to the top of the staircase in the next thrilling episode of Let’s Play A Blurred Line! I’m going to be doing a video every two days until the 4th when I’m gone for a week, but I think I’ll be resuming soon after. This is a LONG game, everyone, and it might take 10 parts or so to finish it all. Let’s hope so so that my 2-digit part numbers actually make sense. Until Thursday, friends!

Let’s Play A Blurred Line Part 01

Oh boy… this is going to be fun, isn’t it… I’ve started on my very first Let’s Play video, and quite possibly the last. It’s completely unedited and I have completely no idea what I’m doing. That said, you all should play this game! I know that most of the people I’ve recommended it to have not played it since it was too long and they didn’t understand it, but it’s an amazing game if you give it a chance. I could easily see a good movie made about it if they gave the plot a bit more focus and sped up the pace.

Comments? I know I’m pretty bad at this, but anything I can do to improve it would be greatly appreciated!