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SRPG #06: Yo Mom!

[map: Small town map. The school is somewhere to your left
You get in the car again, head off towards the street, and head down the road towards your house. Your house is pretty much across the street from the school though so you don’t need to drive far. You abandon the car for a bike because there’s no use to using a car right now, also the car is low on fuel. You arrive at your house. There is a sign on the door:

your house

YOU: oh thats very clever… I wonder if it says the same for everyone who comes by here.

You head inside and your mom is sitting at the kitchen table. You go and talk to her…

MOM: Hi there honey! I head of your little quest and ya know, I just got your GEAR back from the shop.
YOU: What gear is this mom? I don’t know nothing about gear in a shop.
MOM: Here you go sweetie!


MOM: Your GEAR has many useful pieces to it. There is a built in map, and a phone, but you can’t make any calls unless you add people to your phone book and they add you to theirs.
YOU: You mean to say the phone is essantially a Jitterbug? >_>
MOM: Oh by the way… what day of the week is it?
YOU: c’mon don’t you know? There is a calendar right over there.
MOM: What day of the week is it?
YOU: yeah its Tuesday.
MOM: So its 18:02:13 on TUESDAY?
YOU: When’s 18:02? Do ya mean 6pm? Yes it is.
MOM: Thanks. Talk to me about your money or daylight savings time. Good luck!
YOU: … -_- ok thanks mom.

And you head upstairs, hoping to find out more about this gear.

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