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SRPG #05: Biology Class

[map: Big lab. Lots of weird machines and a bookcase crammed full of stuff. Other students sitting around at tables with various creatures on them. Clearing at the far end of the lab where the teacher sits with three creatures in cages on a table to his right.]
As you come into the biology class, you feel a strong urge to run to the back and talk to the teacher… 

YOU: I’d better go and find out what that guy has to say. Hopefully he isn’t as loony as my English teacher.
TEACHER: Hi PLAYER ONE! Welcome to the world of monsters! People refer to me as the PROF. I got a big job for you which will require you to do some off campus work.
YOU: No!! Not another pointless field study!
TEACHER: Well I got an acquaintance named MR. CREATURE. He sent me an email today telling me he’s discovered something that will change our world forever!
YOU: o rly? and whats that?
TEACHER: Well I’d go and see him myself to find out, but I’m very busy right now. Take a MONSTER from that table over there and go and find him yourself.
YOU: Can’t you just email him back asking what’s so great?
TEACHER: Hurry up and choose a MONSTER.
YOU: I’m not sure I’d like a monster running around next to me. Besides, there is a hamster in that cage, a dog in that one, and clearly a parrot in the last. Those aren’t MONSTERS. They are pets!
TEACHER: Some trainers keep these MONSTERS as pets, while others use them to BATTLE.
YOU: >_> fine fine. I take the dog.
TEACHER: You want the large ground based MONSTER, DOGGY?
YOU: Yeah gimme the dog.


YOU: Riiiiight. now can I have a leash or what?
TEACHER: Find MR. CREATURE right away! Don’t worry, you have been cleared by the school to leave campus. I’ve already arranged for it.
YOU: Well seeing how crazy this day has been I think I might need a break.
TEACHER: Have you found MR. CREATURE yet? Take this TOWN MAP to get started!

PLAYER ONE put the TOWN MAP in the key items pocket of the bag.

YOU: But that isn’t a key! It’s a map r-tard!
TEACHER: Now get going!

You leave and are heading back to the exit when another guy in a lab coat stops you. 

LAB COAT MAN: Hi there PLAYER ONE! I am the PROF.’s assistant! I think you’ll need this on your journey!

PLAYER ONE put the LEASH in the key items pocket of the bag. 

YOU: Whatever I guess that keys can be anything now adays. what does this key open? btw thanks a lot for getting me a decent leash this dog has been running around me in circles for the past few minutes.
LAB COAT MAN: I wish you well on your journey to MR. CREATURE’s house. By the way, stop by and see your MOM before leaving.
YOU: Why do I need to see my mom? I saw her this morning!
LAB COAT MAN: Good luck!
YOU: fine… sheesh!

And now, leash in hand, dog on leash, you head out to find Mr. Creature.

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