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SRPG #04: In the classroom

[map: classroom. Lots of desks, all desks filled except one. Table at the back of the room with a PC, table at the front of the room with sheets of paper on it. Teacher standing before chalkboard at front of room.]
When we previously left our hero, they beat up a security guard, got his badge and a bunch of other random junk, and walked into the classroom. The teacher runs up to them when they walked in…

You’re late! Do you have one LATE EXCUSE(s)? 


TEACHER: Alright then. Take your seat, class is about to begin!
YOU: If I’m late hasn’t class already begun? Like 30 minutes ago? Seriously…
TEACHER: Take your seat, class is about to begin!
YOU: Fine fine…

And you take your seat. Now the teacher begins talking… 

TEACHER: Hi class, I hope you enjoyed your weekends. Today I am going to talk to you about the different types of monsters that roam this world.
YOU: Excuuuuse me Mrs. Teacher, but today is Tuesday. We haven’t had weekends in over a day. Also this is ENGLISHclass ain’t it? Why are we talking about some mystery monsters?
TEACHER: As you can see, this monster, the HAMSTAR, lives primarily in a cage. It has a basic attack of SCRATCH,and a basic ability of BURROW.
YOU: uh huh I kinda know that my hamster will scratch me.
TEACHER: Inflicting 4 HP damage with a 95% success rate at level 2 is standard for HAMSTERs.
YOU: I’m guessing with that sandwich of mine I could recover more hp than that. >_>
TEACHER: What condition shall I teach you today?


TEACHER: Thats all for today class.
YOU: That’s all? Thank god class was sooooo long today!! NOT.
YOU: Well I’d better get to the next class then… lets see… next class is…. biology. Huh they will probably be teaching me English there, won’t they.

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