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SRPG #02: Excursion Pt. 2

[map: A place with many identical looking buildings entitled Magenta Town…. a real cheap-o name if you ask me]
Driving into town, your character decides to go get a snack at the Starbucks in Safeway. Pulling into a parking spot at the empty parking lot, he sees that the Safeway looks a bit different than he would have thought, with a big sign on it that says “MART”.

PLAYER ONE gets out of the CAR!

You now walk your character up to the entrance. Inside, the MART is really small, and there are two counters in the back. You talk to one of the shoppers there and they say to you…

WOMAN: Did you know that you can lower your chance of being randomly attacked in the streets by buying SUPER REPEL? It costs a bundle, but will protect you for 500 steps!
YOU: Random attacks in the streets? Did you get dropped on your head when you were a baby?
WOMAN: Did you know…
And the only thing the shopper did was repeat the same sentence over and over. Weird eh?
So you walk over to the Starbucks counter and talk to the guy there…
SHOPKEEPER: What would you like to BUY?
>Venti Mocha
SHOPKEEPER: VENTI MOCHA? Of course! How many would you like?
YOU: duhhh let me think about that… 5 billion! jk jk I only want ONE..
SHOPKEEPER: And you would like 5,000,000,000? Certainly. That will be $4,829,397,144,921.. OK?
SHOPKEEPER: And you would like 1? Certainly. That will be $250. OK?
SHOPKEEPER: You currently have 1,621 cash.
YOU: Oh, alrighty. Just gimme one.
SHOPKEEPER: Here ya go, thanx!
YOU: You little price gouging son of a…
SHOPKEEPER: Please come again soon!
And with that, you head back to the car, sipping your coffee.
Now heading back you suddenly realize that class has started again!
YOU: Aw man… how am I going to get out of this one? If the guards catch me I’m dead meat.

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