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SRPG #01: Excursion

This is where the adventure really begins, folks!

[map: Front of generic looking school near Route 1; Beginning of lunch.]
You see before you a bunch of people sitting outside, talking about stuff. You approach one of them…

KID: Hi there, PLAYER 1! You’d better not try anything else campus security might come after you.

[Start > Bag > Key Items > BICYCLE ]

OAK: PLAYER 1, this isn’t the time to use that!
YOU: Who are you?! I’ll do what I want.

PLAYER 1 mounted the BICYCLE !
You head toward the road. Just before you reach it…

SECURITY GUARD: You aren’t going anywhere until school gets out.

Your character moves two spaces back.
You bicycle down the hallway towards the sports field. You are just about to step on the grass when…

SECURITY GUARD: You aren’t going anywhere until school gets out..
YOU: Where the **** are all these voices coming from? I see no security guard anywhere. I’ll prove it to ya. Here we go.

Your character moves two spaces back.

YOU: HOW DOES THAT WORK?! I try to go forward and I go back? I’ll show you…

You dismount your bicycle and walk to the fire trails. Here ya go, walking up the hill when… >smack<! you slam into an invisible wall.

YOU: >_> you gotta be kidding me. Who put this wall here? And why can’t I see it?

You spot an old man standing about 10 paces away from you. You walk right up to him and he doesn’t seem to notice you until you decide to talk to him…

OLD MAN: PLAYER ONE, do you want to know a secret? To get out of here, you need to obtain the item CAR KEYS and get in a CAR. Watch out for GUARDS though as they can send you back to class.
YOU: It’s lunchtime idiot. There are no classes right now. Why are u standing out here by yourself telling me secrets anyways? And can everyone stop calling me PLAYER ONE?
OLD MAN: Remember what I told you? Get the CAR KEYS and get in a CAR.
YOU: I get it. Now can you tell me why there is an invisible wall here?
OLD MAN: Remember what I told you? Get the CAR KEYS and get in a CAR.
YOU: … I give up.

Walking over to a car, you try to get in it…
The CAR will not start without CAR KEYS!
So you search around school, talking to various people who are telling you random things like ‘Lunch is my favorite time of the day.’ One dude is nice enough to say…

DUDE: Hey, PLAYER ONE! Are you hungry?
DUDE: That’s cool, I like your style. Maybe we can be friends. Here, take this SANDWICH. It restores 20 HP!
YOU: HP?!! >_<
DUDE: You know, if you can find my GIRLFRIEND, she might just give you the CAR KEYS your looking for. Tell her I sent you.
YOU: How do you know that I am looking for them? And why would she just give me the keys to her car? This is making no sense, pal.
DUDE: Did you find my GIRLFRIEND yet?

And so you go and look for the dude’s gf. Its a pretty easy thing to do since there are only 10 people in the entire lunchroom…

GIRL: Hi PLAYER ONE! I’m DUDE’s GIRLFRIEND. He told me to give you these CAR KEYS and since I have no use for them, here ya go!

PLAYER ONE obtained CAR KEYS! PLAYER ONE put the CAR KEYS in the items pocket of the BAG.

YOU: Wait his name is really DUDE? Also why would you be the gf of an idiot like him? Ya know he offered to be my friend and give me a sandwich just cuz I like to eat.. Ain’t that weird to you? And how did he communicate to you that I was coming anyways? You nor he have moved from your spots and neither of you have cell phones. God… this is really weird.
GIRL: My BOYFRIEND’s name is DUDE. Have you met him?
YOU: -_- nvm.
GIRL: My BOYFRIEND’s name is DUDE. Have you met him?

And with that you now have car keys and are going to get away from school.
You walk over to the car and try to get in again…
The CAR’s engine is starting up!
And now ur in the car. You drive over to the road, and are able to get on it.
Driving down the street, you hear a school bell ring…
The SCHOOL BELL has rang. Everyone back to CLASSROOMS!

YOU: I don’t recall having the windows rolled down. How can I hear that from here?

Driving down the road, you see a sign…

YOU: Ooh… my house is 2 miles away? Who’s the stalker that painted this sign?!

Driving down the street, you pass the sign and the music you’ve been hearing the entire time you were at school changes, and your vision gets tinted blue. You are now in MAGENTA TOWN, heading to your next destination.

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