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Outside-type moves have been weakened!

The library is closed today. The library will be closed tomorrow. The library will remain closed during Sunday.

The dining hall is opening in 22 minutes. The dining hall will stay open for 60 minutes. The dining hall will not re-open for another 5 hours.

Easter break is trolling me right now; we weren’t really supposed to stay at school, but many people did.

I found one of my old blogs from middle school on the web today. It was marked as “Private.” I thought that I might want to archive all of the old content from it onto my main blog, but after reading just one post, I quickly realized why I had taken it down from pubic view. In middle school, I must not have been a very good writer (and some of you probably think I still have a long way to go) as all I talk about in my old blog is how much homework I had to do, or the absence of homework. I have about 50 posts in this old blog, and after reading through all of them, I must have really hated my homework. Doing a ctrl+F to search for “work” matched 114 results on the first page. Of course, I had set it up so that all my posts were on a single page to make it seem like I had more content than I did. (Come to think of it, I still do that on my main blog.) Either way, I was apparently a very boring person back in middle school.

Twitter: when you’re too lazy to blog.

Blogging: when you’re too lazy to work.

WordPress is at version 3.1.1 now. Hm…

Anyway, the dining hall is open now. Gotta get over there quick or I’ll starve for the day!