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Tolerance will not be tolerated.


Five hour energy is great in bouts, but don’t count on it for daily use. The more of this stuff that I downed during the year, the less it impacted me. I only took it when needed, but I guess during finals I needed quite a bit of it. Caffeine tolerance isn’t good, friends! Sleep is truly the ultimate energy drink! We’re in the process of packing up everything in the house and moving to North Carolina. I’ll be only an hour from school! Zach’s Computer Service is also going to relocate so I’ll be able to make some money. I’d take a computer science class next semester but I can’t because my calculus II class conflicts with everything offered.


20 pages of comments on seemslegit! It’s fun to read all of the comments, but even with spam protection and reCAPTCHA checking everyone, I can’t tell if some of the comments are spam or not. Some of the comments I’ve gotten from anonymous authors make me glad that I’ve disabled anonymous uploading and tagging :D


>300 communication majors, <10 professors. No wonder I can’t take communication studies classes without being a major.


My summers tend not to be as exciting as some people’s summers. I’ve been packing every day, playing games, reading my Kindle, and exercising. As I’ve alluded to before, I’m not much of a party person, and as much as I love working and buying new stuff, the stuff is piling up and I’m getting bored. This is not a sustainable economic model.


I went to San Francisco with a good friend the other day and found that the arcade in the Metreon has closed down and is going to be replaced by a Target. Too bad, really… arcades are hard enough to come by these days, and I’m guessing they’re quickly on the way out, especially because their copy of Street Fighter IV was an Xbox 360 connected to an arcade stick that would work for a few minutes as long as you kept feeding in quarters.


So, the Wii… U? Another blogger said once that Nintendo’s strategy is to create a console with a funky new control scheme and give it a weird name, then watch as it outsells everyone else. I’m super psyched for the new 3DS titles though. Starfox, remade. Zelda, remade. Virtual console emulation, 3D classics, remade. So many remakes, rereleases, and reiterations of the same stuff. Mario Kart 3D, Super Mario 3D, etc. are new titles just for 3DS though and I’m looking forward to all of it. I’m really just looking forward to the point at which my 3DS stops being so useless when compared to my DS Lite. The L and R buttons on the 3DS work, at least, but the D pad is squeaky at times.



Oh, and I’ll never be the best at Tetris.