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Crazy 8s Transcript, October 2, 2010

GOOOOOOOOD EVENING FURMAN UNIVERSITY! My name’s Zach Hall, and for the next 2 hours I’m taking over the airwaves to bring you the second installment of Crazy 8s on WPLS-FM 95.9!

We’ve got a jam-packed show for you tonight, full of news, the weather, and of course this week’s Randomly Assorted Music, or RAM! I’m going to read a lot of stories for you this week, and the theme of all the stories I’m going to read is that they’re all licensed under the Creative Commons License, so as long as I cite my source (thanks, Wikinews and Wikipedia!) I can read any of it. And honestly, when you have 120 minutes to fill and only about 45 or less are music, you either need to mad-lib like there’s no tomorrow or read content. I could subscribe to the Associated Press and get a license to read their stuff, but I can barely afford a meal in the PDen so Wikinews it is! Also, who could turn down free content?

To kick things off, let’s start the week’s RAM segment with a song that’s been stuck in my head ever since I heard it in the car last week!

You’re listening to RAM, Randomly Assorted Music, only on Crazy 8’s on WPLS-FM 95.9! I hope you enjoyed the first 15 minutes or so of music, but it’s time to stop for a moment to predict the future! That’s right, it’s time for your weather forecast, provided by the National Weather Service at!

Tonight: Mostly clear, with a low around 52. Light and variable wind.

Sunday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 69. North wind between 8 and 10 mph.

Sunday Night: A slight chance of showers. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 47. North wind between 6 and 15 mph. Chance of precipitation is 20%.

Monday: A slight chance of showers. Partly sunny, with a high near 66. Chance of precipitation is 20%.

Tuesday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 67.

Wednesday: Sunny, with a high near 71. 

Thursday: Sunny, with a high near 75.

Friday: Sunny, with a high near 77.

Hopefully you’re more prepared for the coming week now that you know we’re going to have high temperatures in the mid-70’s every day! Most definitely hammock weather, as I’m sure a few of you will appreciate!

You’re listening to RAM: Randomly Assorted Music, on Crazy-8’s! Only on WPLS-FM 95.9! Or at least, you were for the last half hour or so. We’re officially done with the music segment for the show since I’ve finally finished writing my script and can now officially start the talk segment of the show! (I can just hear everyone switching their radios to all-music stations now, but if you give what I have to say a chance, you might find it’s an excellent sleep aid! Just listen for 3 minutes or so and you’re out cold.) :laugh: :laugh dies out. groan:

:back with enthusiasm: BUT OKAY THEN!! One thing on my mind, speaking of all-music radio stations, is the fact that popular opinion would suggest that talk radio is dead. I mean, where are the talk stations these days? The majority are on AM. How many portable music players sold these days include a radio on them? Most of them. The Zune, many of the iPods, as well as the vast majority of other MP3 players of which I forgot but probably are a better deal economically speaking than getting an iPod. That’s a whole other issue, and I’ll save it for later, but the point is that when you have an MP3 player with a radio, it’s almost always an FM radio, which means that most of the time, if you’re using a portable player to listen to the radio, you’re not hearing a lot of talk. Of course, even music stations have news sometimes, but the focus is on the music. You’re there for the music and you stay for the news, the weather, etc. I remember I went electronics shopping a few months ago and the guy who was helping me pick out a radio was telling me that he only heard AM radio once in the last 10 years, and that it was “by accident.” I kind-of doubt he listens to sports radio or news broadcasts on the radio, because most of what I hear on FM is one-way communication that fails to engage your brain except to sell stuff to you or give you stuff as part of a promotion. On both AM and FM they have call-in numbers, but a typical FM pitch is “Call NOW for a chance to win some expensive prize, brought to you by X Corp!” The typical AM pitch differs quite a bit, saying “Call in NOW with your opinion on what we’re discussing!” as if to say “Call us out on what we’re saying, engage your mind, and tell us what you think on this issue!” AM radio usually has that “make you think” quality to it, as whoever is hosting a show has an opinion, and wants others to share theirs. It may be more boring at times than one’s top 40 cravings, but it’s extremely important that people stay current with what’s up in the world, because (1) we won’t be able to identify names on our political science tests, and (2) it keeps your brain fresh! Listening to music all day and never reading or watching the news is easy to do but rots your brain! If I knew how to get the call-in number working, I’d totally ask you all to call me about what you think on this issue, but sadly I only know how to flip the switch to “BIG MIC” and start talking, and that I need to switch it to “iTUNES COMPUTER” when I’m done. Anyways, time to switch gears for a second and get into… the NEWS!

== Jingle: It’s news and opinion time on Crazy 8’s, only on WPLS-FM 95.9! ==

HOW MANY TIMES DOES THIS HAPPEN TO YOU? You’re watching your favorite TV show and it’s a bit quiet. You turn up the volume… 8, 9, 10, all the way up to 11! Now, your show goes to a commercial break and all of the sudden, BLAST! Full power screaming about how if you have a headache from how they’re blowing your ears out, you should get one of their fancy painkillers, so CALL YOU DOCTOR RIGHT NOW at 11:30PM to ask him/her if it’s a good idea. Well, did y’all hear about what’s going on in Congress this week? Both houses voted unanimously on a bill that forces TV networks to turn down those extremely irritating LOUD commercials! Great, eh? The networks sure haven’t done anything about it, and people have been complaining about this problem for over 60 years! Well, however good this legislation sounds, I don’t think it’s all that good. Why’s this? I like the idea of giving my ears a break just as much as any of you, but I feel that it’s just another way our federal government is trying to grab more power from us! Well, not from you and me, exactly, but from the networks. I don’t think it should be ILLEGAL to be annoying, though I don’t think it’s RIGHT if networks are making their audiences deaf. I think it’s up to the viewer to turn the volume down or not watch a show if they don’t like the commercials to that extent, but I’m also a bit torn over the issue because it’s not like most networks and stations aren’t guilty of this volume blasting, so just not watching any TV, while a valid protest, is highly impractical, especially with such “gems” as The Bachelor on TV… seriously, that show and The Bachelorette are the very definition of rubbish. Just seeing ads for those two shows makes my blood boil. 20 or so people competing in all sorts of silly competitions to try and win the “love” of one person. I mean, how desperate do you need to be? I can’t imagine that anyone on those shows is looking for a very meaningful marriage, or that they’re particularly deep individuals, but that’s for another time. To keep it simple, this law doesn’t really protect us from any type of injustice, except perhaps ear annihilation, but it’s not really the type of thing I’d like in the law books.

Now, time for some straight reading from a news article. The following piece is free of any of my own opinions, except that it sounds pretty awesome what’s going on. The entire article is available on Wikinews, which is basically Wikipedia’s news section, and provides the world with all sorts of free, Creative Commons licensed news. The fact that I just cited my source means I can read the text on-air! Let’s begin!

“NASA’s new space capsule to be ready for test flights by 2013”

‘NASA’s Space Shuttle replacement, the Orion spacecraft, is anticipated to be ready for test flights by 2013.

Orion, part of the original Constellation program proposal, would be used in a NASA initiative to return astronauts to the moon. However, United States president Barack Obama cancelled the program in his 2011 budget. He instead advised NASA to focus on a manned mission to an asteroid, and then to Mars.

Obama supports the development of the capsule only as an emergency escape ‘lifeboat’ for the International Space Station.

The end of the Space Shuttle program will see many contractors out of work. The United States Congress is debating a bill to add one more shuttle mission in the gap between the currently scheduled last shuttle mission and the first manned flight of the capsule, in order to alleviate concerns over job loss and the gap between the end of shuttle missions and the entry into service of a replacement American vehicle.

Despite uncertainty about the future and usage of Orion, Lockheed Martin, the craft’s manufacturer, continues to work on it and plans to have a fully-operational model ready by the end of 2012. The company is also drawing up flight plans for possible missions.

In the original Constellation program proposal, the capsule would have been used to transport a six-member crew to and from the International Space Station, and a four-member crew on trips to the moon. Although Obama’s newly proposed plan involves missions to asteroids and eventually Mars, Lockheed Martin officials still believe that Orion would be a prime candidate for the job.

“It’s possible to make Orion compatible with other launch vehicles,” said Josh Hopkins, a Lockheed Martin official. “It doesn’t actually look all that hard.”‘


Well, there we go! I was interested in what would happen to NASA ever since I heard they weren’t going to be doing any more manned missions for a long time a few years ago. Guess I need to wonder no longer. I personally think space is a great thing, and deserves a proper exploration, but I’m a bit hesitant on the idea of spending a lot of money on it in the situation this country is in, over its head in debt.

How about one more news story… this one’s also from Wikinews:

“UK animal welfare group prosecutes woman who threw cat into bin”

‘A woman who was recorded throwing a cat into an outdoor rubbish bin has been charged with two counts of animal cruelty. 45-year-old Mary Bale, from Coventry, West Midlands, England, United Kingdom, was recorded on a security camera allegedly giving the tabby cat — Lola, aged four — a stroking and looking at her surroundings before taking the animal and dumping it into the wheelie bin before walking away from the scene.

The cat was discovered in the bin fifteen hours later by her owners, 24-year-old Stephanie Andrews-Mann and her husband, 26-year-old Darryl. She appeared to be unharmed. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals — otherwise known by the abbreviation RSPCA — have now brought charges against Mary Bale under the Animal Welfare Act 2006. Judith Haw, a spokesperson for the RSPCA, has stated: “The RSPCA has taken the case to court as two alleged offences have been committed: of causing unnecessary suffering to a cat and of not providing the animal with a suitable environment. As criminal proceedings are now active the RSPCA will not be issuing any further statements or completing interview requests until conclusion of the court case.”

Having received a court summons from the RSPCA on Sunday, Bale is anticipated to make an appearance at Coventry Magistrates Court on October 19, 2010 at 1000 BST (0900 UTC). Bale had previously released a public apology. “I cannot explain why I did this,” it read. “It is completely out of character and I certainly did not intend to cause any distress to Lola or her owners.”

In a video available on Sky News Online, Stephanie Andrews-Mann spoke about this incident and explained that “we thought it was probably someone coming from a night in the pub that thought it’d be hilarious to put a cat in the bin. We didn’t expect to find what it was we found.” When asked what she thought about the woman who committed this act, Stephanie commented: “I don’t know. I don’t know what could possibly go through her head to want to put a cat in a bin.” Stephanie’s husband Darryl explained: “It was basically after we’d found Lola in the bin that we played back the video footage and seen, obviously, what had gone on, what had happened.” Describing this act, he expressed: “I think it’s disgusting. I don’t know how anyone could treat, um, a harmless animal that can’t defend itself, just do something like that to it.”‘


Lastly, one more Wikinews article and I think we’re outta here! Or at least I’m outta content.

“World’s oldest leather shoe found in Armenia”
‘What is believed to be the world’s oldest leather shoe, over 5,500 year old, has been found in a cave in Armenia by a team of archaeologists.

The Armenian shoe is in a perfectly preserved condition and is a few hundred years older than the one found on Ötzi the Iceman, making it the oldest piece of leather footwear in the world, and the oldest footwear yet found in Europe. Researchers published details in the journal PLoS ONE.

The leather shoe was found in a cave dubbed Areni-1, near the village of Areni in the Vayots Dzor province of Armenia, on the Iranian and Turkish borders. “I was amazed to find that even the shoe-laces were preserved,” recalled Diana Zardaryan, the Armenian PhD student who made the discovery.

According to researchers, the shoe, made of cow-hide, consists of only one leather piece and was probably customized to the wearer’s foot. It was relatively small, measuring the corresponding to European size 37 or US size 7 women, however, it could have been worn by a man.
It was kept in excellent condition by a thick layer of sheep excrement, which acted as a seal, helping it survive the millennia. The shoe contained grass, although the archaeologists were uncertain as to whether this was to used to maintain the shape of the shoe and/or prepare it for storage.

“We thought initially that the shoe and other objects were about 600-700 years old because they were in such good condition,” said co-author Dr. Ron Pinhasi from the University College Cork in Ireland. “It was only when the material was dated by the two radiocarbon laboratories in Oxford and in California that we realized that the shoe was a few hundred years older than the shoes worn by Ötzi the Iceman”.

The shoe and the cave will continue to be researched. “We do not know yet what the shoe or other objects were doing in the cave or what the purpose of the cave was”, said Pinhasi, “We know that there are children’s graves at the back of the cave but so little is known about this period that we cannot say with any certainty why all these different objects were found together”.

Currently, the oldest known footwear are sandals made from sagebrush bark, found in Fort Rock Cave, Oregon in the United States. These shoes were discovered in 1938, and have been dated to about 10,000 years before present.
Discoveries within the cave move early bronze-age cultural activity in Armenia back by about 800 years. Additional discoveries yielded an extensive array of Copper Age artifacts dating to between 6,200 and 5,900 years ago.’


Now that I’ve gotten all the news out of the way, I got nothing more to talk about, and… all of this time. Time to play some music! I think we may need to end this a bit early tonight, as I don’t have much else to say! Thanks for listening to Crazy-8’s on WPLS-FM 95.9, and enjoy the rest of your night! This is Zach Hall signing out.

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