Zach Hall

Career objective
An entry-level position in software engineering, web development, IT, or project management in a growth industry
Highly motivated and educated computer generalist who is willing to do whatever is necessary to complete projects and assignments on or before the deadline. Excellent team leader and member.
Furman University, Greenville, SC
3.37 GPA
Computer Science Major, Graduation date: May 2014
Work Experience

June 2011 - Present
Furman University

Computer Lab Assistant

  • Currently helping students with lab assignments
  • Researcher

  • Translated C code to Python
  • Analyzed and simulated various hardware architectures
  • Parsed and translated data files from their original format to HTML
  • Compared purchasing options and decided on equipment to purchase
  • Web Designer

  • Improved existing website for Furman Psychology Department
  • Created commercial web site for LSA, Inc, Vancouver, WA
  • Created web sites for an athletic department and HOA
  • 2006-2010

    Zach's Computer Service, Orinda, CA

  • Performed troubleshooting, and optimized custom solutions for small businesses and individuals
  • Gave free computer advice to senior citizens
  • Computer projects
    Experienced in Python, JavaScript, PHP, Java, SQL, and Visio. Have taken course work in project management, systems analysis, computer architecture and organization. Also skilled in computer networking, troubleshooting, and system management
    Kiwanis Senior Achievement Award 2010
    Miramonte High School Video Production Award 2010
    Furman University Dean's List 2012, 2013 (Spring, Fall)
    Project management, IT systems administration, computer networking, software engineering, web application development, DevOps, media, marketing, current events, physical fitness and travel

    My Work

    A fast way to find classes at Furman University!

    During the spring of my sophomore year at Furman, I couldn't get into a class I wanted because it was full. Course enrollment changes all the time, and I had to keep on checking every day to get the class I wanted. I decided that it'd be easier to write a program that would check for me, every hour, to find out if the class I wanted was full or not, sending me an email when a spot was available. This project, called "Class Getter," worked for a while but had a clunky interface.

    In the fall of my junior year, I rewrote the program and changed it into an interactive, searchable interface to browse and find classes, with the old alert program added in as an extra. The newly revamped allows you to view all of the pertinent information about classes on one page and also allows searching by class name, teacher name, time, date, and general education requirement. In the future, I hope to open ClassGet up to other universities and create customized solutions for their class finding needs.

    Other Web Programming

    Logistics Services of America, Inc.

    Spring 2013

    I was approached by LSA in the spring of 2013 to redesign their website. They wanted a clean, modern design, an interactive Rate Request feature, and fast results. With their input, I redesigned the site using the Bootstrap framework, customizing the site to fit the color scheme of their brochure. I also made an interactive "Contact Us" page with vCards for each employee.

    FREUD @ Furman


    The Furman Psychology department contacted me in the fall of my junior year with a problem: their PHP website was full of bugs and wasn't running correctly on their server. I helped them by fixing existing problems and implementing a host of new Furman-specific features over the basic framework they were running. The new site is scheduled to be finished by next semester.


    This project was one of my first serious ventures into PHP frameworks. After surfing the web for a while, I had amassed a large collection of "demotivational poster" images, and I decided it would be a fun project to create an image gallery style site to feature these images. I decided to use the Shimmie image-board software, but realized there was room to improve it. Since the software is open-source, I submitted various features and bug fixes through Github, as well as laying the framework for new features which others have since seen to completion.


    My digital homepage. I redecorate often, but since 2009 this has been my blog. I've written 88 published articles on my blog featuring personal opinions, class papers, reports, videos, graphics, and generally featured all of my projects.

    Officer of ACM

    Video Editing

    2013, "What do Computer Scientists do?"

    This video was composed for my communications class. I used Final Cut Pro 7 to overlap multiple video clips while keeping the underlying narration in sync with each interview.

    2012, Japanese Class Final Project

    2008, Spanish Class Final Project

    I produced this video as part of my 11th grade Spanish class, and it's one of the most intensive videos I've been involved in editing. I used Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, and LiveType to produce the video, as well as greenscreen effects and a teleprompter to get the script correct. I integrated different types of music and transitions, and created custom graphics for most of the scenes.

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