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♪ Every time I try to leave something keeps pulling me back

If you’re a frequent headphone user, I’m sure you’ve all had this happen to you at one time or another! On another note:

Reddit vs. Digg: My Opinion

I don’t think you can do an exact comparison of these two popular link sharing sites because the way each is laid out and run is so different. Digg has fixed categories for items of interest that are moderated by its administration team (and of course the users through thumbs and reporting). Reddit lets you create your own categories for anything, and while they have admins and moderators, founders of these categories (aka subreddits) can moderate as they see fit. Digg and Reddit function in much the same way, with upvoting and downvoting, but as far as I’ve seen, burying a story on Digg is a lot more of a hassle than downvoting on Reddit, which would lead me to believe that the majority of Digg users don’t bury stories they don’t like, they just don’t Digg ‘em up. Burying a story also doesn’t appear to subtract from the Digg count, and appears to be more of a reporting tool since in the past you’d have to specify a reason for why you were burying it. On Reddit, downvoting simply appears to mean you don’t like a story (e.g. 147 points (64% like it)), and will reduce both the total score of the story but also the user’s general score. Another thing I’ve noticed is that while Digg has always been plagued by Power Users (those who submit the majority of the popular stories and whose stories get dug up simply because the users are popular) while for the few months I’ve been on Reddit I haven’t noticed the same problem. Perhaps it is an issue, but I rarely hear a lot of drama from Reddit about power users unless it’s in regard to Digg.

Personally, I use both and like ‘em, so I don’t really have a strong opinion, but I’d probably go with Reddit over Digg if I was forced to choose. Reddit seems to give everyone a stage whether they are new or old, but on Digg it seems to depend more on who you are than what you submit.

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