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Month: December 2010

Illegal Immigration in California: Impact and Possible Solutions

Perhaps one of the biggest problems facing Californians today, illegal immigration costs Californians over $10 billion per year and results in decreased job opportunities and higher unemployment among legal citizens, a rise in illegal drug trafficking and the violence associated with it, the return of diseases that were once considered to be cured, and an overall risk to state and national security. In this brief investigation, I shall attempt to outline all the problems that illegal immigration is causing Californians and how some of these issues have extended into the domain of national security. I will also discuss some of the proposed solutions from all sides in terms of dealing with illegal immigrants.

Let’s Play A Blurred Line part 05

These updates are going to be a lot more frequent I think. Here’s part 05! I think when I’m done with the entire thing I’ll edit it all into one giant collection and post it on to save my bandwidth.

DirEttore Standard 1.5 Review

If there’s one thing I’ve always wanted to do, its to run a real radio station. Complete with actual programming, ads, promos, station idents, and everything else that real radio stations do. I tried using Winamp, but it never satisfied me. Winamp is a music player, but what I wanted was a radio program. After asking Google, I found expensive solutions such as SAM Broadcaster, but I’m not made of money. I then stumbled upon MixTime’s DirEttore software, and I was surprised at the price point: absolutely free.


Now tell me with a straight face that this doesn’t look professional. I’m running it on Windows Server 2003, and it’s been up for 10 days at the time I’m writing this. In those 10 days DirEttore has been playing continuously. No crashing, no dead air. (No listeners, either, but that’s my fault since my FM transmitter is in a cinderblock walled dorm. No signal can get in or out!)


The way that DirEttore works that makes it different than Winamp and general music players is how it handles playlists. Instead of having a list of songs to play in an order, DirEttore has a list of directories. Pictured above is the Rotation window, which handles the directory playlist that I’m currently using. Notice how rotation elements are just directories of MP3 files. In the free version, you must add each directory that you want, but in the Standard version which I’m using you can recurse into sub-directories. The list under “ROTATION” shows the playlist which I set up on day 1. Not extremely complex, eh? Didn’t take me more than a minute, and it’ll keep playing forever if I choose. With this type of rotation it already sounds better than Winamp, as your station is identified, ads play, and your music plays just fine too!

We’ve had the software running continuously for nearly a year, and it’s been pumping out non-stop music for WPLS, Furman’s radio station! Everyone’s been extremely satisfied, as in the past we used Winamp and it just didn’t compare. If you’d like to get a copy, visit Mixtime’s website to find out more.