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Month: August 2010

Earthbound Savefile Chronicles


You know that feeling you get when you close a time-sinking application such as a web browser or game, and then not 10 seconds later you’ve opened it again? I feel that I either have horrible time management skills, or a general lack of things to do these days, and thus I’ve decided to continue my Earthbound campaign. I have a short attention span when it comes to games, so it usually takes me a few years of playing on and off (mostly off) to finish a game, and I tend to overestimate my progress and forget my place in the story, so it was to my dismay when I started up the copy on my Wii to find out my level 80 character was actually level 1, and that he didn’t exist yet. This can’t be right! I cried in anguish as I have very clear memories of almost defeating Diamond Dog many months ago. As it turns, my ZSNES save files aren’t compatible with the SNES9x-based Wii SNES emulator I was using. As much as I’d love to play Earthbound on a TV like it’s meant to be played, I’m not spending 50+ hours to work my way back to where I was over an incompatible save file. To the computer I go!


After an exhaustive search of my HDD, I came across 3 different copies of the save file, but none of them were up to snuff with where I thought I was. One of them was my first time in Saturn Village, and the others were earlier. I decided to cut my losses and go with the Saturn Village one, and proceeded to spend the next 3 hours killing foppies (I can’t help but think others have done this before me… they’re weak and offer 2600 EXP if you can corner 6 of ‘em) and by the end they were even running scared when they saw me coming! I kinda felt bad for them after that, I didn’t really want to genocide an entire species, I just wanted to get strong enough to fight Master Belch! Honest!


I went to bed that night with the sinking feeling that all that time had been spent in vain, as there was one place I still hadn’t looked: my external hard disk. I took a look the next morning, and sure enough, I found yet another copy of ZSNES and another save file. (How many copies do I need?!) Anyway, I got back my level 80, and braved the mystical land of Magicant, went back to Saturn Village, and got into the time machine. I thought I was completely unstoppable when I single-handedly defeated my own nightmare, but I found there was still a lot of training to go. Oh well, at least I can now that I have my save file back.

Moral of this story: ORGANIZE your files!