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Liveblogging Communications Class

Heh, this will be interesting. I’m going to liveblog my class today for fun. Stay tuned for updates!

zach January 29, 20136:30 pm

People are piling into the room.

zach January 29, 20136:31 pm

They’re taking attendance. Made it to class on time.

zach January 29, 20136:32 pm

Who blogged about blogging?

zach January 29, 20136:32 pm

Blog: a place for interactions with people. It’s on the Internet. A type of personal publishing.

zach January 29, 20136:33 pm

It’s also a frequently updated webpage, and if you want to write a big long narrative you should summarize it in the blog.

zach January 29, 20136:34 pm

Blogs are a place to gather your thoughts on a specific interest. They’re sorted in REVERSE chronological order!

zach January 29, 20136:35 pm

It’s a form of personal publishing. At one point, he mentions it’s a place for companies to have an informal relationship with their customers.

zach January 29, 20136:36 pm

Other common attributes of blogs: timestamps, date headers, blogrolls, headers, hyperlinks, permalinks, tags, etc.

zach January 29, 20136:36 pm

(I need to update my blogroll)

zach January 29, 20136:37 pm

Anyone can blog! It’s open to everyone. Democratic form of publishing.

zach January 29, 20136:38 pm

Credibility of a blog: sometimes suspect, other times credible. Credibility must be determined via layers of information.

zach January 29, 20136:40 pm

What makes a blog credible or not?
– Are the sources clearly cited?
– Do the links always work?
– Does the author use professional language? Is the writing high quality?

zach January 29, 20136:41 pm

Remember, a credible blog is usually frequently updated. *Updated every day or every other day.*

zach January 29, 20136:41 pm

Formatting is also important. Use chunking, etc.

zach January 29, 20136:42 pm

Visual aspects: original, quality photography really helps. Blogs are credible if they have original content!

zach January 29, 20136:43 pm

If you’re writing a blog you’ll want to keep it transparent. Let the world know who you are.

“Nobody likes ghost blogggers.”

zach January 29, 20136:45 pm

What makes blog different than other stuff you read?
-They usually have an opinion tied to it. Openly stated opinions.
– Blog is a community. An online community, and blogs *always* have comment sections.

zach January 29, 20136:46 pm

What about the tone of the blog?
– Compared to news websites, there’s a much more casual tone. Conversational tone.

zach January 29, 20136:47 pm

What about blogging as journalism?
– If you do all your own work and verify your facts, it’s journalism.
– It’s good for journalists to write blogs as well as news articles, because it lets you meet the person who writes your news stories.

zach January 29, 20136:50 pm

Writing a blog as a journalist might also get the attention of more readers. The readers can respond directly to you, as well.

zach January 29, 20136:50 pm

Journalists need to constantly reach deadlines, but on a blog there is no deadline. You can publish faster, less formally, and you can publish it even faster!

zach January 29, 20136:51 pm

Liveblogging: particularly used when elections are going on.

zach January 29, 20136:53 pm

What are the THREE types of blogs?
– Personal
– Corporate
– News

zach January 29, 20136:54 pm

Personal blogs: journaling / personal diaries.

zach January 29, 20136:54 pm

Personal blogs are individualized to personal taste. They also can be about specific interests.

zach January 29, 20136:55 pm

Personal blogs are opinionated usually, and they’re the most conversational out of the three main types.

They’re also the most transparent.

zach January 29, 20136:56 pm

Personal blogs are EXTREMELY community driven. Readership builds, and you communicate / email with people.

zach January 29, 20136:59 pm

Corporate blogs
– Keep consumers and other members of a particular industry up-to-date on what’s going on on with the company and industry news.

zach January 29, 20137:00 pm

Corporate bogs also build your consumer base.

zach January 29, 20137:00 pm

If you have potential clients and they like your blog, it’ll increase your consumer base.

zach January 29, 20137:01 pm

The biggest characteristic of a corporate blog is TRUST BUILDING. It allows the company to speak plainly and transparently. Not trying to sell anything.

zach January 29, 20137:03 pm

How would you write a corporate blog?

zach January 29, 20137:04 pm

Corporate blogs can introduce the company’s employees. It’ll show you that there are real people working hard to make a cool product. You can interact with people. You’re able to talk to someone who could actually talk back.

zach January 29, 20137:05 pm

It opens the door for two-way information. You have a voice with the company.

zach January 29, 20137:08 pm

Sometimes it doesn’t work. Sometimes companies ignore you.

zach January 29, 20137:08 pm

If your consumers know you’re very in-the-know in your field, they’re going to trust you.

zach January 29, 20137:10 pm

What about news blogs? What makes them different from personal and corporate blogs?
– More factual. What they’re writing about is more based about what’s happening in the world.
– Greater focus on what happened.
– This is where blogging becomes journalism. You’re reporting on what’s happening.

zach January 29, 20137:11 pm

News blogs verify their content and follow a code of ethics.

zach January 29, 20137:12 pm

News blogs also build communities. All types of blogs do, but news blogs are different: they make their readers more active about what’s really going on in the world, and let them participate through the blog.

zach January 29, 20137:13 pm

We’re going to take a look at some blogs now.

zach January 29, 20137:16 pm

Some people blog as their full-time job. How do they get the money? Sell advertisements!

zach January 29, 20137:18 pm

Companies will pay you to use their items in reviews or promotions too. Just make sure you’re fair in your reviews.

zach January 29, 20137:18 pm

Bloggers can also make appearances at events. They’ll get paid to go to conventions and events and whatnot.

zach January 29, 20137:20 pm

Fashion blogs: people get paid to wear clothes and showcase them. They get a full-time job just wearing some designer’s clothes. Crazy world.

zach January 29, 20137:22 pm

Some people do recipes as well. The really big bloggers update multiple times a day, and get people to work for them.

zach January 29, 20137:23 pm

Cooking blogs: they post recipes, pictures of food. One person is an extremely gifted writer. Some of the big bloggers go on TV, write books, etc.

zach January 29, 20137:25 pm

All the same content that would be in MAGAZINES is now on blogs, but it’s updated frequently, and anyone can join in.

zach January 29, 20137:28 pm

Now we’re looking at blogs that students read.

zach January 29, 20137:30 pm

Corporate blog about clothing manufacturers. The employees post about their adventures, and it strengthens their brand because you want to see the clothes survive. Here’s what people who do cool stuff wear.

zach January 29, 20137:31 pm

With a good corporate blog, you don’t want to have it be the same as your professional site.

zach January 29, 20137:34 pm

Another corporate blog: they show all the employees’ smiling faces. It’s a creative communications company, and you can see each employee’s individual creativity, and they publish ideas.

zach January 29, 20137:35 pm

An example post has tags, comments, lists, chunking, etc. All blogs have about the same stuff.

zach January 29, 20137:37 pm

A third blog: big difference between the blog and the corporate site. The main site is very interactive and rich, but the blog is a more “chicken nugget” version of the site. It’s simpler and directs your attention.

zach January 29, 20137:39 pm

Refit and filter the same information on a blog, make it easier to read.

zach January 29, 20137:44 pm

Showed a blog I read myself. People liked it. Cool!

zach January 29, 20137:45 pm

Well, that wraps it up for tonight’s class. Good night!

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