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Author: zach

It’s Twitter Deluxe!

Welcome to the long edition of my ramblings… one thing that I’ve always lacked is a single blog in which I can publish thoughts, ideas, and the status of all the works in progress that I begin and never finish. This may be the answer, we’ll see how long it actually goes on for.

The construction of SNHub is pretty much completed, so I’m spending most of my web construction time on seemslegit. Shimmie RC1 was released a few days ago, and it’s working well for the most part, except for some errors in viewing the extension manager, a few style errors, and the fact that user registration is broken. Next week I’m planning to re-sync all the files again to the latest ones in git, and hopefully the errors will have resolved themselves by then. I’ve reported about 17 issues over at the Shimmie Redmine (think Trac but using RoR) thus far, and quite a few have been acknowledged, which makes me happy 🙂

Finals week, however, makes me not so happy. The very first final I have this week is Physics, and while I find the class extremely fascinating, and trust me, I do, my mind just isn’t designed for handling so much information at once. Easy formulas such as ”F = m * a” I have no trouble remembering, but when I have to remember the difference between a big P, a little p, and the Greek letter looking like a p, I start to get confused. The last final I have this week, English, is going to be a bit of a grab bag as well, as I need to write two essays, and I’ve little idea about what they will be about.

Have you all seen the tragedies in Haiti? One of the pictures shows a looter stealing a coffin among all things. It really sickens me. One person on Digg commented that it “looks like the end of the world,” and indeed it does.


A few days ago I set out to play Cave Story without dying once. After an hour, I realized that isn’t a reasonable goal. I’ve never seen the good ending, err… neither have I seen the second best(?) ending. The only ending I’ve ever seen is the bad ending, and unfortunately I saved after I locked myself into the bad ending. Ugh. This time I’m going for all the secrets and the best ending possible.


I’m reinstalling Flash, and I get this ridiculous popup telling me to put the disc into my other DVD drive. I guess I must have originally installed it from my other drive, but I’m running the setup program from the DVD, so why’s it so picky?!

Have y’all heard of this stupid thing before? It’s the biggest waste of money since Chris McCandless burned all his money, though he did keep some spare change, ID cards, and other valuable paraphernalia in the secret compartment in his backpack, not that he was able to use it, unfortunately 🙁 But seriously, nobody should be spending money on a symbol in which to view it you must install some software, and anyone receiving emails or reading blog posts in which you use this must also buy and use this software. Whatever happened to /s? Why do people even need to say /s? The best sarcasm is done without /s at all, as demonstrated once again by a Digg comment:

“This is not like Verizon at all. They are usually very open with their phones – allowing the user to essentially have full control over the device. I know this since I am a Verizon customer…” –TimidTurtleTodd (source)

Everyone loves that type of comment, because the sarcasm is implied, and people need to figure it out.

Anyways, I’m out of things to talk about, not that I had much to say in the first place. Until we meet again, friends.