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What a great trip it was! Over the weeks I have accumulated a great number of thoughts that don’t constitute enough content for a full post, but I didn’t want to leave anything out, so I’ll combine them into one. Let’s ‘a go!

Things the Japanese don’t believe in

  • trash cans
  • napkins
  • soap in public restrooms
  • towels in public restrooms
  • eating while walking
  • keeping your key when you leave a hotel each morning

Things the Japanese believe in

  • cleanliness
  • the same 4 notes over and over in traditional music
  • fish for breakfast
  • fish for lunch
  • fish for dinner
  • convenience

Top things America could learn from Japan

  • convenience is awesome. There should be more vending machines and convenience stores around America
  • embrace cleanliness. We’ve been to some cramped places in Japan (Sakura Hostel) but I’d much prefer them to dirty American motels (I’m looking at you, Travelodge.)
  • ticket ordering systems. Eliminate tips, eliminate cashiers. Have vending machines that print tickets with your order on them, give them to any waiter, get your food without the hassle. Pay the waiters more also.

Top things Japan could learn from America

  • trash cans are good
  • credit cards are also good. accept them everywhere
  • portions. I ordered a large soda, gimme a large soda

Most helpless moment: Ordering a meal at McDonald’s. It sucks to know exactly what you want, but not how to put it into words. I want 1 meal and 1 extra sandwich, not 2 full meals!

Most awkward moment: Visiting a few of the shops in Akihabara. Strange, strange things to be seen.

Best experience of the trip: Making new friends and getting to know old ones better.

See you next time! さよなら!(^_^)/~