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Obligatory Beach House Episode

OI! I thought I was good with technology, but nobody is safe from stupid mistakes. I had easily hundreds of words written here, but they all went away because I didn’t press SAVE.

Anyway, we left the hotel and went to ECOPAR, a park and campsite. Upon arriving, we went kayaking in a lake. There were some beautiful sights to be seen, but I didn’t have a camera. Thankfully, Nicky was my kayaking partner and she was also the only one with a waterproof camera!

Stating overnight in a Japanese cabin was quite the experience. I’m not sure if big empty rooms are the norm in Japanese architecture, but big empty room were what we found. Tatami mats were there for us to sleep on, and though they weren’t very comfortable when trying to fall asleep, they were Tempur Pedic quality at 07:15 when we had to awake for a 30 minute breakfast at 07:30.

Back on the road right now and headed to a beach island resort! We passed the most photogenic spot in Okinawa, but the rain is cruel to cameras, and the fog covered the rest of the area.

We passed a military base and saw lots of “AMERICAN AUTO” lots, as well as some pizza places. Guessing it’s a bit like ports in Mexico where Americans tend to gather, though a bit more practical.

Anyway, after arriving at the beach resort we saw quite a few sights. For starters, the aquarium. It featured all varieties of ocean life, most prominently the whale shark. I liked the coconut crab myself, partially for the name alone. I actually ran out of space on my phone with all the picture taking I was doing.

Afterward, we went to a planetarium and a dolphin show. The dolphins were really smart!