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All over the city (Okinawa day 1)

The day began early. At 06:45 I was up and enjoying a Japanese breakfast. Alright, I think I might have eaten a bowl of unflavored yogurt that may have been cream cheese by how it tasted, but I’m a tourist, I guess I don’t know everything yet.

We took the monorail everywhere and went to a スーパー and got some food. There were other departments but they weren’t open.

We saw the snake snakes in the sake bottles as well. You can’t make this stuff up, but here’s a photo in case you think I did.

Next we went to lunch. Had とんこつ、a pork dish. It was pretty healthy and cheap.

We visited Shuri Castle later in the day, and got ラメン for dinner. Jet lag started to catch up with me, so I decided I’m going to bed early. Until next time!