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War of the Files


I’ve made a lot of progress in Earthbound over the past few weeks, but I have one problem: I keep forgetting to save. Actually, I do save quite often, but every time I boot up the game I’m back outside the Cave where I need to beat Diamond Dog again. Strangely, although I can’t save, save states work just fine, so what is going on? Is ZSNES broken? Not exactly. I figured it out just this morning when trying to rename an old folder:


Hmm… Administrator permissions, eh? Am I not the owner of my own files?


No. I’m not. In a quest to find out who owns my files, I decided to go back in time a year, and found out the shocking truth:


Turns out, my XP account was the owner of all the old files on my data drive, and Windows 7 wasn’t allowed to write my save game data to disk because of this fact. Ugh >_> this is exactly like when I forget to deauthorize my “5th” computer on iTunes, reinstall, and find out that 5 non-existent machines are authorized and I can’t play any music until my “Deauthorize All” resets in half a year from now!


(Ok, It’s never gotten to that point, but you understand what I’m saying.) What if Microsoft did this type of thing with Windows, in which you must de-activate Windows to activate it somewhere else instead of tying it to the BIOS? People with a copy of Windows they couldn’t boot would need to buy a whole new copy since they couldn’t run the de-activator!

Luckily, I discovered Grooveshark just a few weeks ago, and it solves all my music problems.


It’s like Lala, in that you can search for and play individual songs, but there’s no limit on how many times you can play a song. It’s also like Pandora, in that you can turn on a “Radio” feature that automatically queues up new songs based on the ones you are currently listening to. Another Lala type feature it has is uploading your own music to be played on the Grooveshark site. They do all of this for free, but also have VIP services I haven’t yet tried that are extremely cheap ($3 / month).

The final program I have to share with you today is Windows Live Writer, which writes blog posts exactly as they will look when they are published.


Needless to say, it does this very well. I’ve always been a bit untrusting of Windows Live due to the fact that I never much liked Internet Exploder. Many of the people I do computer work for use IE 6, and many of these same people end up buying programs like “Virus Heat 3” ._. The Windows Live programs, however, are amazingly better than expected. I used to use Thunderbird, but after I switched to the Windows Live Mail desktop app, I’ve found it does everything I need to have done just fine. I’ve never been a fan of Outlook, but since I use IMAP and store all my mail on the server anyway I have nothing to worry about when changing mail programs.

Let’s end with a news story… anyone hear about this sad story in the news yesterday? Turns out it was all a big lie.


This girl wasted over 50 police and detective hours with a LIE. I thought the story seemed just a bit strange when she was completely unharmed.

Anyways, that’s all for now. Probably won’t be so many things to share next time, whenever next time happens.

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