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Testing the new Windows Live Writer functions

Windows Live Writer 2011

Features Check: I’ll be inserting one of everything that’s possible to insert. Total article word count: 348

It's Home! For the next few years...
Testing the insert video function. Works pretty nicely!

Rolling on the floor laughingSmile with tongue outThumbs up

  Vanilla Chocolate Strawberry
Caramel Sauce Tasty! Tasty! Tasty!
Peanuts Sarcastic smile Surprised smile Smile
Whipped Cream




Any Font I choose?

      • I would believe so.


Apparently, I can’t resize the picture on the left without doing it manually. At least I can now embed pictures on the left or on the right as to further my plans for world domination as to give myself the freedom to write on one side and illustrate on the other. Underlined text.






The derivitive of f(x)

Pictures cannot be resized using the handles on the side. This irritates me. Perhaps its my blog’s theme, perhaps some other glitch, but I need to manually change the size on the picture controls. You can’t do picture effects with images embedded from other webpages, and while this makes sense, an option to import them and edit ‘em might be nice. Also, I don’t see a caption tool, which would be nice to have.

Pasted Source Formatting!

A Tale of Two Cities LITE(tm)
	-- by Charles Dickens

	A man in love with a girl who loves another man who looks just
	like him has his head chopped off in France because of a mean
	lady who knits.

Crime and Punishment LITE(tm)
	-- by Fyodor Dostoevski

	A man sends a nasty letter to a pawnbroker, but later
	feels guilty and apologizes.

The Odyssey LITE(tm)
	-- by Homer

	After working late, a valiant warrior gets lost on his way home.

Source – Random Fortune Cookie Generator

Hyperlink above^

Superscript is the same as Subscript? It also has a tendency to get stuck like this for no apparent reason. HELP! I’M STUCK!

No really, it does get you stuck like this.

“ARGH! Had to copy and paste something from above to get outta subscript mode. Testing the quote function!”
~Mr. Stick

  1. Get steak
  2. Get cheese
  3. Have a cheesesteak.


Those are about all the features I can cram into this test. Hope it looks as well published as it does in the Edit pane!

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