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Argggg… COMCAST!!!!!!!!


It’s easy to see why one of the world’s most hated companies is changing its name to Xfinity… yeah, that’ll totally work. Put on a fake mustache, big nose and glasses and nobody will recognize you. I really hate Comcast’s converter boxes; not so much for the fact that my analog cable was perfectly fine before the transition, nor for the fact that they’ve taken away a bunch of channels if you don’t use the box (though I do dislike these facts) but rather for the simple reason that the boxes DON’T WORK most of the time, and that we now need to pay an extra fee for something we could use without a fee before. Seriously, watching TV on this Comcast box has become a chore, as every time I turn on my TV the channel defaults to channel 8, just like with a hotel TV. Channel 8 is all in Japanese. All I can ask, Comcast, is WHY? Why is it that I can’t leave your box on channel 2 when I turn off my TV? Why is my TV’s remote not good enough on its own anymore, and why must I have two volume controls? Can’t your box just output at full volume the entire time and let me use my TV’s volume controls instead of finding a balance between the two?


I know that there are other remotes one can use that will control any device, and I know that Comcast’s remote can be programmed to turn on your TV, but what if I want to switch input or use some of the cool built in features on my TV? On my big Comcast dual tuner non-DVR (no HDD) box why can’t I use Picture-in-Picture? I was able to get HD channels on the HD TV before I got Comcast’s tiny box (of which my service is interrupted all the time as seen in the first picture) and now I’m not able to. Sometimes the box just freezes up and I’m completely out of luck, unable to change the channel or anything until I unplug it for a long time, then fight with the remote to get it to respond to anything. Everything used to be so simple, but now Comcast’s messing it up. (It’s not just Comcast, I know, but they’re just about the only provider of cable where I live.)


Above: what I deal with every other day it seems like. If you’re going to charge extra for this device and make it so I can’t watch the same channels I already pay for without it, at least give me something reliable.


Above: the dreaded box itself. I’ve talked to others who share my hatred of this horrible device (this blog is biased in case you didn’t know) and they have similar stories of it crashing and burning when they’re trying to watch TV. I feel it isn’t just me when I say people despise needing to use two remotes on their TV’s, and without the IR receiver this box would be completely unbearable, as I’d need to keep it on top of my TV stand instead of in the cupboard where it belongs. After needing to replace these boxes twice in the last year because they stopped working on me. Bottomline: I’m disappointed.

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